Sneak Peek at “I Nub You”

Have you told that special someone that you “nub” them? Chances are you haven’t. Fret not, we’re here to help with our new Valentine’s Day episode entitled, “I Nub You!” We always strive to look for new ways and different angles to tell stories for these lovable critters. For Valentine episodes, we try to explore the different romantic relationships that some of our characters have with one another (or with other inanimate objects, as in the case with Nutty. All kinds of love is acceptable here!) For “I Nub You,” we’ll be pairing Petunia off with some one you might not expect. At first blush, you might think they’re an odd match but I think you’ll find that they will have more in common than you might suspect. In any case, if all else fails we can always turn to a sure fire way to fix everything… with SURGERY! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I “nub” you all!
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